Analysis of Hot Points on Data Mining Research of Medical in Foreign Countries

X Shi, W Zhao, J Chen, J Yang
2016 Cross-Cultural Communication   unpublished
To promote the current development of medical data mining research, a quantitative statistics and qualitative analysis of the papers in the field of medical data mining technologies were made with the methodology of bibliometric and knowledge mapping, which were enlisted in the database of Web of Science analyzing the general situation of the papers about data mining from several aspects: period sequences, subject funds, countries and regions, core authors and research institutions, the
more » ... utions, the hotspots and research frontiers. Our analysis exposed that the research of data mining in medical showed a multidisciplinary integration of the development trend, but high-yield leading author group has not yet formed. It is important to note that scholars should raise awareness of clinical medical data mining as well as explore new research directions for further studying.