The use of fast atom bombardment and laser desorption mass spectrometry in the analysis of complex carbohydrates

H. Egge, J. Peter-Katalinic, Michael Karas, B. Stahl
1991 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Oligosaccharides occurring free in secretions o r bound to lipid o r protein, are known to modulate the biological response in many living systems. The structural characterization of these highly diverse oligosaccharides, that may be further complicated by the occurrence of non-carbohydrate substituents such as alkyl, acyl, sulfate, o r phosphate groups, for example, represents the first step towards a ratmnal approach that is able to relate structure to f u n c h n . The structural delineation
more » ... uctural delineation of carbohydrate resldues a t defined ssks of attachment is especially important in recombinant glycoproteins because the type and extend of glycosylation affect their biological properties. In recent years the development of soft ionizatiDn procedures and the increase in mass range above 10,000 mass units a t full acceleration, tDgether with the development of highly sensitive detectors, has allowed the analysis of glycans containing more than 30 sugar UH&S i n the nano-and subnanomolar range.
doi:10.1351/pac199163040491 fatcat:owkoakn6kvgepfakpnjnadpnnu