Stability Effect and Biological Evaluation of Whey Protein as Antioxidant Enhancer on Rats

Mona A, Hassan, Omar A.H. Ahmed-Farid
2016 IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences  
In order to evaluate the antioxidant effect of whey protein (wy) as a food supplement, in addition it is antidotal effect against the toxicity induced by environmental pollution. In vitro and In vivo study was carried out. The stability of flaxseed oil .Whey protein emulation was evaluated by Rancimat test. The emulation improved the stability than oil separately for storage period. Biologically, to investigate the prophylactic effect of whey protein against environmental, pollution by lead
more » ... llution by lead acetate. Forty eight male albino rats were namely divided into six groups. The tested groups received respectively, group (1) control (basal diet), group (2) whey proteins plus oil, group (3) (6) lead plus whey proteins plus oil. For the manipulated groups continued their treatments for four weeks. The manipulation rats with lead acetate caused significantly elevated levels of liver functions, lipid profiles, oxidative stress biomarkers factors of cell energy respectively in comparison with the control group and upon the emulsion of whey proteins and oil in addition whey proteins plus oil plus lead respectively. The histopathological examination showed an improvement of the obtained results revealed that liver tissues from whey protein and emulsion of whey proteins oil groups and gives the histology of liver a normal appearance. lead, group (4) lead plus whey proteins, group (5) lead plus GSH and group
doi:10.9790/3008-1105021522 fatcat:ki43d2dbwfenpfstrqc3pi7w7i