BIPA Teaching Material in North Sumatran Context for Beginner Level

Maya Oktora, Yuni Khairina
2021 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Education, Science and Culture, ICIESC 2021, 31 August 2021, Medan, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia   unpublished
The limited availability of Indonesian language learning materials for international students (BIPA) and many requests from international students to study Indonesian at Medan State University are still constrained by the lack of BIPA teaching materials. This limitation is a crucial problem faced by BIPA lecturers. Therefore, the development of BIPA teaching materials is very much needed to develop BIPA Classes at Universitas Negeri Medan. The problems explored in this study are: the
more » ... tics of the need for BIPA teaching materials containing North Sumatran culture for entrylevel international students based on the perceptions of international students and BIPA lecturers-how to develop BIPA teaching materials containing North Sumatran culture for beginner-level international students-and how the experts' assessment of BIPA teaching materials containing the culture of North Sumatra for international students at the beginner level. This study applies a Research and Development approach that is carried out in five stages, namely: (1) preliminary analysis, (2) initial development of prototypes, (3) product design, (4) product validation resulting from development, and (5) product revision and refinement. In addition, this study applies three ways of collecting data, namely observation, interviews, and questionnaires, to obtain data on user needs in the development of teaching materials and initial assessment of prototypes of teaching materials. The data sources consist of BIPA lecturers, international students, and expert lecturers. The data analysis of this research used descriptive qualitative, which consisted of the presentation and conclusion of the data. The results of this study are analysis perceptions of international students and BIPA lecturers that produce the characteristics of BIPA teaching materials that contain North Sumatran culture for international students at beginner level and use a variety of languages that are easy to understand..
doi:10.4108/eai.31-8-2021.2313776 fatcat:jrk2vxnpvzgvzmmnf35jhbpmqa