On Lacto-Globulin

R. T. Hewlett
1892 Journal of Physiology  
THIS proteid, lacto-globulin, is described as occurring in milk by J. Sebelien', who states that it has the properties of a globulin and coagulates at a temperature of 74°-760 C. His mnethod of separating it is to saturate milk with sodium chloride, this precipitates the caseinogen (casein), which is filtered off. The filtrate is warmed to 3.50C. and a small precipitate of proteid (which was not examined) is filtered off. This filtrate is then saturated with magnesium sulphate and a small
more » ... e and a small amount of proteid is precipitated, this is the so-called lacto-globulin. Prof. Halliburton2 verified the fact that after the double saturation
doi:10.1113/jphysiol.1892.sp000433 fatcat:v22gipouanfipjxtjtpmtbyh2q