CP, T and CPT versus temporal asymmetries for entangled states of the Bd-system

M.C Bañuls, J Bernabéu
1999 Physics Letters B  
The observables used in the K-system to characterize T and CPT violation are no longer useful for the Bd-system, since the width difference between the physical states is vanishingly small. We show that only Im(epsilon) and Re(delta) can survive if Delta Gamma=0, and build alternative CP-odd, CPT-odd, T-odd and temporal asymmetries for the (B_CP -> B0, B0bar) transitions. These quantities enable us to test T and CPT invariances of the effective Hamiltonian for the B-system. The method needs the
more » ... CP eigenstates B_CP, which can be tagged unambiguously to order lambda^3 from the entangled states of a B-factory.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)01043-6 fatcat:qdzvciy63fbnrk47lwkw43x4mi