An optical and X-ray examination of the basic-slag mineral silicocarnotite

D. P. Riley, E. R. Segnit
1949 Mineralogical Magazine and Journal of the Mineralogical Society  
Blue pleochroic crystals obtained from basic slag were first described by Carnot and Richard. They published a chemical analysis, some of the optical properties, and a brief description of the forms they observed. The crystals were stated to be orthorhombic, with a composition of 5CaO.P205.SiO2. Several authors later described similar crystals. None, however, gave a thorough account of the optical properties. These various papers were summarized and discussed by Kroll, who accepted Carnot's
more » ... cepted Carnot's formula, but concluded, from Bücking and Linck's examination, that the material was monoclinic. Kroll applied the rather unfortunate term 'silico-carnotite' to these crystals. The present work shows that silicocarnotite occurs in only one modification–orthorhombic. The crystals drawn by Bricking and Linck and described as monoclinic are, in fact, identical with our orthorhombie crystals.
doi:10.1180/minmag.1949.028.204.06 fatcat:553xjrjs6bbadgsbig5yzxo2q4