Study of Hardfacing of Grey Cast Iron (ASTM G2500) under Different Process Parameters

Yunis Ahmad Dar, Charanjeet Singh, Simar Singh Bajaj, Pravneet Singh
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
This paper is basically aimed on the study of hardfacing and its conditions to prevent solid particle erosion. Solid particle erosion is a major area of concern in number of engineering systems, for instance those using coal conversion systems. Reduced power plant efficiency, downtime of the equipment, repairs, costs extra due to solid particle erosion has led to various techniques to combat solid particle erosion. One technique is to apply hardfacing layers to the components subjected to
more » ... e environments. The hardfacing layers are highly resistant to spalling and erosion due to strong metallurgical bond with the substrate material and a wide range of hard alloys can be applied in order to achieve the best efficiency in a corrosive environment. The current research aims on studying the hardfacing of grey cast iron ASTM 2500 under various parameters and thus observes the results obtained from different parameters to get the optimum hardfacing conditions. In this current study, hardfacing was done using Tungsten inert gas welding under two different parameters and the results were discussed accordingly.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is070844 fatcat:ik56b436m5forkfnapbe5iktfe