SEM13 at the NTCIR-11 IMINE Task: Subtopic Mining and Document Ranking Subtasks

Md Zia Ullah, Masaki Aono
2014 NTCIR Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies  
In this paper, we describe our participation in the English Subtopic Mining and Document Ranking subtasks of the NTCIR-11 IMINE Task. In the Subtopic Mining subtask, we mine subtopics from query suggestions, query dimensions, and Freebase entities of a given query, rank them based on their importance for the given query, and finally construct a two-level hierarchy of subtopics. In the Document Ranking subtask, we diversify top search results by estimating the coverage of the mined subtopics.
more » ... best performance of our system achieves an Hscore of 0.1762, a Fscore of 0.3043, a Sscore of 0.3689, and an H-measure of 0.0634 for subtopic mining task. For document ranking run, the best performance of our system achieves a D#-nDCG@10 of 0.6022 (coarse-grain) and 0.5291 (fine-grain), which are a comparable performance to other participants.
dblp:conf/ntcir/UllahA14 fatcat:zatetaiidfc4vchumb3ycbva5u