O. Kliuiev, V. Olkhovskyi, V. Bondarenko
2020 Archives of Criminology and Forensic Sciences  
In this article there are results of retrospective analysis of scientific work of Honored professor M. S. Bokarius «Forensic medicine for doctors and lawyers» (1930). about academic fairness of author relative to making of more than 1200 references to origin sources in statement of own material. M. S. Bokarius used the alphabetical index at the end of the book, so the reader has opportunity to see the number of links to each author, which is from 1-2 to 38 times, and, accordingly, go to the
more » ... ngly, go to the page of text that is indicated next to each name. So, M. S. Bokarius referred not only to texts, drawings, tables, diagrams, photographs, but also to the statements of experts, which is currently very rare. This approach to writing a book is convenient for the reader and is essential example for today's scientists, who sometimes ignore the principles of academic fairness and thus are breaking the current law of copyright protection. At the same time, it showed the creative perseverance of M. S. Bokarius on the publication in 20th years of XX century of new scientific works in forensic medicine and criminalistics, in particular, was founded in 1926 the international practical-scientific journal «Archive of Criminology and Forensic Medicine», which contained the original articles, forensic-medical casuistic, references, bibliography, critics, reviews of other journals and periodic publications, which was translating into English, Spain, German and Italy languages in references. In the article some statements of M. S. Bokarius present about the status and prospects of development of forensic medicine and criminalistics at that time, as well as hopes for the future of this new journal. It showed the memoirs of the delegates of the First AllUkrainian Forensic Medical Congress (1925). and quotations from the famous scientists of forensic medicine and criminalistics concerning the scientific achievements of Professor M. S. Bokarius, including the foundation of the journal «Archives of Criminology and Forensic Medicine» a big event at that time.
doi:10.32353/acfs.1.2020.01 fatcat:a5j74qvonng6piq2fr7umzmyga