The Development of Solar Prominence on 4 th September 2015 and the Solar Burst Type III and IV

N Norsham, Z Hamidi, Muzamir Mazlan, N Shariff, N Yusofl, A Jafni, N Khalib, M Hamdan, Farahana Kamaruddin, Muhammad Redzuan Tahar, C Monstein, Shah Alam
This article will focus on the solar prominences that occur during the 4 th September 2015. On that day, there were two sunspots on the surface of the sun, which were AR2409 and AR2410. These two active regions did not produce any threat for strong flare and thus the solar activity was very low. The prominences that will be focused were both occurred at 0353 UT and 0427 UT respectively. There were minor (G1) geomagnetic storm observed on that day. For solar prominences that occurred at 0353 UT,
more » ... ccurred at 0353 UT, solar radio burst type (SRBT) IV was detected by CALLISTO spectrometer. From the CALLISTO, two bursts at low intensities with the duration of about 7 minutes for the first burst of 280-320 MHz and 6 minutes for the second burst of 360-430 MHz were observed. For the first burst, energy calculated was between 1.855 x 10-25 J and 2.12 x 10-25 J with the drift rate of 0.095 MHz/s. For second burst, the energy obtained was between 2.385 x 10-25 J and 2.849 x 10-25 J with the drift World Scientific News 45(2) (2016) 264-275-265-rate of 0.194 MHz/s. At 0427 UT, SRBT III was recorded with a frequency of 240-350 MHz with the energy which was obtained between 1.590 x 10-25 J and 2.319 x 10-25 J. The drift rate of this type of burst was 0.61 MHz/s. During this event, the solar wind value was 499.3 km/Sec with the proton density of 15.1 protons/cm 3 .