Threshold-based hybrid relay selection and power allocation scheme

Xin Song, MingLei Zhang, WenMIn Liu, ShengBao Wang
2016 Journal of Communications Technology Electronics and Computer Science  
Abstract—To minimize total transmit power in a system while guaranteeing the outage probability at the same time in a cooperative system, we propose and analyse two threshold-based hybrid relay selection and power allocation schemes for a three-node cooperative relaying system. They are designated as: the hybrid amplify-direct-forward relaying (HADF) and incremental hybrid decode-direct-forward relaying (IHDDF) schemes. In the HADF scheme, a specific outage probability threshold is derived to
more » ... termine that the system chooses to optimize power allocation of its source and relay in amplify-and-forward (AF) mode or optimize the power of its source in direct-transmit (DT) mode without a relay. In IHDDF, according to the outage probability threshold, the system chooses to optimize its power in turn with incremental decode-and-forward opportunistic relaying (IDFO) mode or DT mode. Closed-form expressions of the total transmit power of the proposed HADF and IHDDF schemes are derived. The proposed schemes have low computational complexity and system cost. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the HADF scheme outperforms the AF and DT schemes, and the total transmission power of the IHDDF scheme is reduced significantly compared with the IDFO and DT schemes. Compared with the HADF scheme, the IHDDF scheme has a better total transmit power in special channel condition.Keywords—power allocation, three-node cooperative relaying system, amplify-and-forward, incremental decode-and-forward opportunistic relaying.
doi:10.22385/jctecs.v8i0.126 fatcat:kefwvzhqjfec7iok3axbo662wm