Tissue-specific Expression of the Nonneuronal Promoter of the Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Gene Is Regulated by Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1

Ann Aguanno, Ronith Afar, Vivian R. Albert
1996 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The rat aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) gene contains alternative promoters which direct expression of neuronal and nonneuronal mRNAs that differ only in their 5-untranslated regions (UTRs). We have analyzed the expression of the nonneuronal promoter of the rat AADC gene in the kidney epithelial cell line LLC-PK 1 and in cells which do not express the nonneuronal form of AADC by transient transfection. These studies revealed that the first 1.1 kilobases of the nonneuronal promoter,
more » ... cluding the nonneuronal-specific 5-UTR (Exon 1), contains sufficient information to direct tissue-specific expression. Serial deletions of this promoter localized the cis-active element to a region between ؊52 and ؊28 base pairs upstream of the nonneuronal transcription start site. An A/T-rich sequence, within this region which we have termed KL-1, was found to bind a kidney and liver-specific factor by DNase footprint analysis and was capable of directing tissue-specific expression from a heterologous promoter. Moreover, when the KL-1 sequence was mutated in the context of the entire promoter sequence, all transcriptional activity was abolished. DNA sequence comparison revealed that the KL-1 fragment is highly homologous to the binding site for hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 (HNF-1). Mobility shift studies utilizing an antibody to HNF-1 demonstrated binding of HNF-1 to the KL-1 fragment and cotransfection of HNF-1 cDNA into cells which do not express the nonneuronal form of AADC resulted in activation of transfected AADC nonneuronal promoter constructs. These results strongly suggest that the transcription factor which regulates the tissue-specific expression of the nonneuronal form of AADC mRNA is HNF-1.
doi:10.1074/jbc.271.8.4528 pmid:8626808 fatcat:o6gtdgi5bjawpb5g56xitabaci