ARM-Cortex M3-Based Two-Wheel Robot for Assessing Grid Cell Model of Medial Entorhinal Cortex: Progress towards Building Robots with Biologically Inspired Navigation-Cognitive Maps

J. Cuneo, L. Barboni, N. Blanco, M. del Castillo, J. Quagliotti
2017 Journal of Robotics  
This article presents the implementation and use of a two-wheel autonomous robot and its effectiveness as a tool for studying the recently discovered use of grid cells as part of mammalian's brains space-mapping circuitry (specifically the medial entorhinal cortex). A proposed discrete-time algorithm that emulates the medial entorhinal cortex is programed into the robot. The robot freely explores a limited laboratory area in the manner of a rat or mouse and reports information to a PC, thus
more » ... n to a PC, thus enabling research without the use of live individuals. Position coordinate neural maps are achieved as mathematically predicted although for a reduced number of implemented neurons (i.e., 200 neurons). However, this type of computational embedded system (robot's microcontroller) is found to be insufficient for simulating huge numbers of neurons in real time (as in the medial entorhinal cortex). It is considered that the results of this work provide an insight into achieving an enhanced embedded systems design for emulating and understanding mathematical neural network models to be used as biologically inspired navigation system for robots.
doi:10.1155/2017/8069654 fatcat:jvnunizc5jbqfp5udxywgj6cza