Flare Activity Among Nearby Stars

N.I. Shakhovskaya
1995 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
I selected the common objects from our Data Base on 234 UV Cet Flare Stars and Related Objects and the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars by Gliese & Jahreiss (CNS-3). It is found that manifestation of flare activity (FA) (flares in any spectral region or photometric variability caused by spots) is observed on 143 flare stars (FS) out of the 3803 CNS-3 stars within 25 pc of the Sun with absolute magnitudesMvfrom 5.2 (Sp G2 V) to 18.8 (Sp dM5e − dM6e).Magnitudes and spectra of flare stars: For
more » ... f flare stars: For eachMV-interval, Table 1 givesthe "mean" spectral class (Sp), the number of FS (Nf) and the portion of FS among other red dwarf stars from CNS-3 (Nf/N). Absolutely fainter stars include a higher portion of known FS. However, observational selection effects can cause this dependence, because the probability is higher to register flares over the background radiation of a faint star. The observed portion of FS among all red dwarfs from CNS-3, which are fainter thanMv=5, is about 5%.
doi:10.1017/s0252921100034588 fatcat:qj3bpbuqenhmnepr74g7mykeyu