Das mythisch-religiöse Substrat der Nahrung

Judith Hirsch
2014 unpublished
Nutrition is built upon biological, mental, social and cultural facts and therefore also as religious experience. This study is based on relevant theories in this field - as anthropology of religion (basic structures of religious habits), ritual studies, semiotic and symbolic processes, myth as meaningful communication systems and as comparative mythology, as well as sociology of religion, and attempted to set out elements of religious marking in various attitudes towards the field of
more » ... t along the characteristics of religion which are specified as ultimate relationship to divine beings, myth, rite, community and ethic/moral value orientation. Based upon the theoretical framing historical and documentary materials of religious beliefs and practices across cultures illustrate and reveal the different religious aspects in interchange between biological and social attitudes and cultural/religious regulation. Religious and social norms interact mutually and interfere each other. The mythical/religious background often remains hidden due to considerable mental, economic and social development, but is still alive.
doi:10.25365/thesis.35173 fatcat:4lrbyqwi65c2vcexu3fb5e4gqi