Are Metabolic Oscillations Responsible for Normal Oscillatory Insulin Secretion?

K. Tornheim
1997 Diabetes  
Normal insulin secretion is oscillatory in vivo and in vitro, with a period of -5-10 min. The mechanism of generating these oscillations is not yet established, but a metabolic basis seems most likely for glucose-stimulated secretion. The rationale i s that 1) spontaneous oscillatory operation of glycolysis is a well-established phenomenon; 2) oscillatory behavior of glycolysis involves oscillations in the ATP/ADP ratio, which can cause alternating opening and closing of ATP-sensitive K+ channels, leading t o the observed oscillations in
doi:10.2337/diab.46.9.1375 pmid:9287034 fatcat:7d32kl2txzbzpekbyuc3z32tq4