Accuracy of self-assessment among graduate students in mechanical engineering

Susan M. Zvacek, Maria de Fatima Chouzal, Maria Teresa Restivo
2015 2015 International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL)  
This study examined possible relationships between self-assessment scores provided by students for a laboratory exam compared with the scores assigned by the instructor. Six years' worth of paired scores were analyzed, along with other variables such as time in the degree program, sex, test performance, final marks, and whether the student had enrolled in the course more than once. Statistical analysis found that while students were relatively accurate in their assessments, high-performing
more » ... nts were notably more likely to underestimate their performance, while students who did less well typically over-estimated theirs. Accuracy varied significantly between the mid-range performers and both the high and low performers, with those students who scored near the mean giving themselves scores that closely matched those assigned by the instructor. Factors that appear to have little influence on self-assessment accuracy included sex, time in the degree program, and multiple enrollments in the course. Further studies may examine these factors more closely, as well as stratifying the results of the entire set of records for clarification of possible relationships.
doi:10.1109/icl.2015.7318192 fatcat:qejsprm2ynfo7pgvggy342pt3y