Prediction of Surface Roughness of Abrasive Belt Grinding of Superalloy Material Based on RLSOM-RBF

Ying Liu, Shayu Song, Youdong Zhang, Wei Li, Guijian Xiao
2021 Materials  
It is difficult to accurately predict the surface roughness of belt grinding with superalloy materials due to the uneven material distribution and complex material processing. In this paper, a radial basis neural network is proposed to predict surface roughness. Firstly, the grinding system of the superalloy belt is introduced. The effects of the material removal process and grinding parameters on the surface roughness in belt grinding were analyzed. Secondly, an RBF neural network is trained
more » ... reinforcement learning of a self-organizing mapping method. Finally, the prediction accuracy and simulation results of the proposed method and the traditional prediction method are analyzed using the ten-fold cross method. The results show that the relative error of the improved RLSOM-RBF neural network prediction model is 1.72%, and the R-value of the RLSOM-RBF fitting result is 0.996.
doi:10.3390/ma14195701 pmid:34640122 fatcat:5liw3p46afar5d6nw4zq3cqcv4