Taste and acceptance of pyrophosphates by rats and mice

Stuart A. McCaughey, Barbara K. Giza, Michael G. Tordoff
2007 American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology  
McCaughey SA, Giza BK, Tordoff MG. Taste and acceptance of pyrophosphates by rats and mice. The palatability and taste quality of pyrophosphates were evaluated in a series of behavioral and electrophysiological experiments. In two-bottle choice tests with water, rats strongly preferred some concentrations of Na 3HP2O7 and Na4P2O7, moderately preferred some concentrations of K4P2O7 and Fe4(P2O7)3, and were indifferent to or avoided all concentrations of Ca2P2O7 and Na2H2P2O7. The contribution of
more » ... sodium to the preference for sodium pyrophosphates was ascertained: 1) Rats with a choice between Na 4P2O7 and NaCl preferred 1 mM Na4P2O7 to 4 mM NaCl but preferred 40 or 150 mM NaCl to 10 mM Na 4P2O7, 2) blocking salt taste transduction by mixing Na4P2O7 with amiloride reduced preferences but did not eliminate them, and 3) three mouse strains (FVB/J, C57BL/6J, and CBA/J) known to differ in sodium preference had the same rank order of preferences for Na 3HP2O7 and NaCl, but peak preferences were higher for Na3HP2O7 than for NaCl. The taste qualities of pyrophosphates were determined by measuring taste-evoked responses of neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract of rats. Across-neuron patterns of activity for sodium pyrophosphates were similar to that of NaCl but the pattern of Na 3HP2O7 plus amiloride was unique from those of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami stimuli. Taken together, the results indicate that the high palatability of some concentrations of Na 3HP2O7 and Na4P2O7 is due partially to their salty taste, but there must also be another cause, which may include a novel orosensory component distinct from the five major taste qualities. two-bottle preference test; gustatory electrophysiology; sodium; taste quality Address for reprint requests and other correspondence: M. Tordoff, Monell
doi:10.1152/ajpregu.00886.2006 pmid:17332156 fatcat:uxr77rluvjahjpp3ucpkjiuyxe