Sosyal Bilgiler Öğretmen Adaylarına Göre Sosyal Bilgiler Dersi ve Sosyal Bilgiler Öğretmeni

2020 Turkish Studies - Educational Sciences  
The social studies course is very important in terms of both the academic success of the students and their adaptation to the environment and society, and to create a democratic society. The achievement of social studies course's individual and social goals depends on its effectiveness in practice. Teachers are the main factor in the effectiveness of social studies course in practice. The opinions of social studies teacher candidates about their profession have a great importance in guiding
more » ... ance in guiding their teaching career. It is important to determine the opinions of social studies teacher candidates about their branches and professions and to shape the teaching process accordingly. Based on this view, the study aimed to determine the opinions of teacher candidates about social studies course and social studies teacher. Participants of the study consisted of 62 teacher candidates who were studying in the 3rd grade at a state university in the 2018-2019 academic year. In the study, which was designed according to the qualitative research model, the data were collected with a semi-structured questionnaire. In the study, data were collected under various themes in accordance with qualitative research methods, and analyzed and evaluated using quantitative techniques. Direct quotations are also included in the interpretation of the findings obtained from the analysis. In the results of working; teacher candidates pointed out the importance of social studies course in instilling awareness of citizenship / national consciousness and raising sensitive and respectful individuals. In addition, Social Studies courses; They stated that it should be done in a fun way by enriching it with activities, using technology-supported materials, giving concrete and life examples and playing educational games. According to prospective teachers, social studies teacher; must have communication skills and a proper diction, understanding, contemporary, open to innovations, able to use technology, and have the ability to constantly renew himself and his knowledge. Structured Abstract: Introduction It is accepted that an education system has three basic elements, namely student, teacher and education program. These elements interact with each other and each element has an important place in the education system. However, among these elements, it can be said that the teacher element, who implements the educational programs and has the power to influence the student, stands out. Because teachers direct the academic and professional development of children and young people through educational programs and help them gain a solid personality (Gültekin, 2015). What pre-service teachers who chose the teaching profession think about the teaching profession and its branches and how they think is an issue that needs to be  Bu araştırma yayın etiği kurallarına uygun olarak tamamlanmış, Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Bilimsel Araştırma ve Yayın Etiği Kurulu'ndan (18.09.2020 tarih ve 2020/150 konulu)etik izin alınmıştır. 
doi:10.47423/turkishstudies.46534 fatcat:3x7ibbc2jzd7xijtmeceftw7vu