Opactwo Solesmes – pierwszy ośrodek ruchu liturgicznego

Janusz Mieczkowski
2007 Ruch Biblijny i Liturgiczny  
The nineteenth century liturgical movement was the work of the Benedictines. It was beginning from the monastery of Solesmes, where lived and worked the first abbot Prosper Guéranger (1805-1875). Monks of the Order of Saint Benedict rediscovered the significance of the mass liturgy as a source of renewal of the life and teaching of the Church. Guéranger was determined to create a new Christian institution for the time. On 11 July 1833 he started living the Benedictine life with six other monks.
more » ... The papal letter of 1837 clearly stated that Solesmes was "to revive pure traditions of worship". So Guéranger initiated liturgical renewal. He determined that the role of Solesmes would not be direct intervention in parishes but perfection of the rites and intellectual formation of the monks. They did it for all history of the abbey to give to the Christian people an example by perfect liturgical celebration, theological reflection, historical research and publications (the most famous Guéranger's publications were Institutions liturgiques and Liturgical Year). Special place in this work was discussion over restoration of Gregorian chant.
doi:10.21906/rbl.322 fatcat:zahosvpegjhopp5fjabmxwnyue