Alternation Book Series #5: From High-Risk Sports ti Sports as High Risk [book]

Sadhana Manik
Alternation research groups have made decisive and far-sighted knowledge production contributions in the interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities arena for more than twenty-five years. From 2020, it adds the Alternation African Scholarship Book Series (AASBS) to its research outputs system. Via its incisive thematically-focused inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary, as well as digitally-informed, research approaches, the AASBS not only advances the frontiers of knowledge in Africa's institutions
more » ... ca's institutions of Higher Learning in designated focus areas, but also critically generates scholarship of, by and with the people(s) of our continent. Historically the research draws on the rich traditions of interactive African intellectualisations, from its earliest civilisations, through struggles for liberation and freedom, to independence and growth. It opens up future epistemic opportunities through intellectual initiative and resourcefulness, while critically contributing to the international advancement of knowledge on all relevant levels. Contributing to research-led constructive, transformative and substantial discourse development in our programmes and disciplines, it also aims at impacting the wellbeing of our people foundationally and all-inclusively in the present. All forms of scientific and social challenge which Africa's societies and communities face, need to be problematised and researched in the Arts and Humanities, in the interest of cooperative and conscientious responsible knowledge generation and foundational conceptual and methodological research impacts. We serve the hopes and aspirations of the people of Africa. AASBS is committed to the highest levels of inclusive, factually correct and critical, sociallyresponsive and socially-accountable evidence-based research analyses and outputs. Each chapter is reviewed by at least two independent peer reviewers. Through its editing and peerreview system, each volume also builds research leadership, research expertise, and interactive research acumen, capacity and capabilities.
doi:10.29086/978-0-9869936-8-8/2020/aasbs05 fatcat:fpxn4lnuoncyjec6opivpdn34u