Ultralow loss visible light metamaterials assembled by metaclusters

Jing Zhao, Huan Chen, Kun Song, Liqin Xiang, Qian Zhao, Chaohong Shang, Xiaonong Wang, Zhijie Shen, Xianfeng Wu, Yajie Hu, Xiaopeng Zhao
2022 Nanophotonics  
Optical metamaterials give birth to the control and regulation of light. However, because of strong energy dissipation and fabrication difficulty in meta-atoms, low-loss isotropic three dimensional negative index metamaterials (NIMs) in the visible spectrum has long been regarded as an extremely challenging. Here, we report an ultralow loss isotropic metamaterials for visible light and its inverse Doppler effect. The ball-thorn-shaped metaclusters with symmetrical structure consisting of the
more » ... lectric and its surface dispersed super-thin silver layer was proposed, the surface plasma resonance is formed by discrete silver layer with a thickness of two or three atomic layers. We invented a unique technique for preparing ultralow loss isotropic clusters and three-dimensional large block samples. The negative refractive index and the inverse Doppler effect of green and red light is measured by the prism method for the first time. The discrete super-thin silver layer produced by the photoreduction method greatly reduces the generation of loss and break through noble metal high energy losses of traditional optical frequency metamaterial, the metaclusters unfold bottleneck of the nano-assemble visible light metamaterials, opening a door for disorder assembling ultralow loss isotropic three-dimensional large block NIMs devices of arbitrary shape.
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2022-0171 fatcat:74envryikrfotdnv7wi2uizcx4