Growth and Feathering of Some Apple Cultivar-Rootstock Combinations in a Fruit-tree Nursery

2019 Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Horticulture  
The planting of well feathered trees are crucial in a high density orchard, than unbranched rods. Lateral bud-brake can be effectuated by several agro-technical methods in order to overcome apical dominance. Main targets of the researches were to investigate the feather induction by removing the apical leaves and to study a proper basic and foliar fertilization scheme. The highest mean height of the trees with significant differences was achieved by untreated Florina, followed by variants of
more » ... d by variants of Florina treated with Solfert, untreated control Idared and Florina with NPK and Fertitel. The number of feathered trees was higher in Florina than in Idared. The best results were obtained with Solfert and NPK followed by Fertitel. The growth in height was not affected by the lack of fertilizers in the control variants, but in other fertilization variants where branching was observed the height of the trees was reduced.
doi:10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:2018.0024 fatcat:rlvvnw4s4fbkxbajrfrzi6a6he