Akdeniz'de Düzensiz Göçler ve Göçmenler: Terraferma Filmi Örneği

Elif GÜN, Handan TEKEMEN
2021 Sosyolojik Bağlam Dergisi  
Social and economic conflicts bring along irregular migrations, which are risky and dangerous and lead to humanitarian movements on a global scale. Irregular migration movements increasingly have become a problem of identity, belonging and recognition, and bring with new areas of discussion. Irregular migration, which goes beyond being a phenomenon that nation states can control alone, is perceived as a security threat, especially by European countries, and restrictions are increased with
more » ... d migration policies. The blockage of legal routes increases the demand for illegal methods and makes migrant smuggling more apparent. On the other hand, the Mediterranean, which is used as a migration route to reach Europe, has almost become identified with the bodies washed ashore. The number of recorded deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean reveals that the phenomenon of migration is a matter of right to life beyond the political, economic, and social interests of the nation states and accelerated the discussion of the problem on different platforms. Based on this, the film Terraferma, which is about irregular migration over the Mediterranean, was examined as a research subject and analyzed using the dramaturgical analysis technique. The film has been thematically interpreted on the basis of the plot, main idea, assumption, conflicts and characters. Policies such as the fact that global inequalities put pressure on the developed countries with irregular migration on one hand, and the situation of ignoring the phenomenon of irregular migration with strict migration on the other have been evaluated together.
doi:10.52108/2757-5942.2.1.4 fatcat:psi5bbmyzza77ngybtyq75v5vi