Self-assembled ErAs islands in GaAs for optical-heterodyne THz generation

C. Kadow, A. W. Jackson, A. C. Gossard, S. Matsuura, G. A. Blake
2000 Applied Physics Letters  
We report photomixer devices fabricated on a material consisting of self-assembled ErAs islands in GaAs, which is grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The devices perform comparably and provide an alternative to those made from low-temperature-grown GaAs. The photomixer's frequency response demonstrates that the material is a photoconductor with subpicosecond response time, in agreement with time-resolved differential reflectance measurements. The material also provides the other needed properties
more » ... uch as high photocarrier mobility and high breakdown field, which exceeds 2 ϫ10 5 V/cm. The maximum output power before device failure at frequencies of 1 THz was of order 0.1 W. This material has the potential to allow engineering of key photomixer properties such as the response time and dark resistance.
doi:10.1063/1.126690 fatcat:yrzgqiyj5jho7ji6e73f2cuo4i