La pareja deshecha: pleitos matrimoniales en el tribunal arzobispal de sevilla durante el antiguo régimen

Marta Ruiz Sastre, Alonso Manuel Macías Domínguez
2012 Erebea  
Marriage developed in modern times as a space of contradiction and conflicting interests. Matrimonial disputes preserved in the Archives of the Archbishopric of Seville evidence conflicts in couples at a time when behaviour, personal and social, had to adapt to the dictates of large insti­tutions. This article analyzes the role and attitudes of family, community and clergy in the disputes, since these groups in large measure determined their resolution.
doi:10.33776/erebea.v2i2.1339 doaj:85adc8b1e512468c9a671e5bd36772cf fatcat:nbml73xf7zbplgt7w6zaofypqe