Chromosome numbers for some vascular plants from Mongolia. Post 2

Elena A. Korolyuk, Tatyana V. An'kova, Andrey Yu. Korolyuk
2021 Turczaninowia  
Chromosome numbers (2n) for 13 rare, endemic plant species (19 populations) from the families: Asparagaceae, Asteraceae, Boraginaceae, Brassicaceae, Caryophillaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Plantaginaceae – are reported on the material from Mongolia. For Euphorbia potaninii Prokh. (2n = 20), Smelowskia altaica (Pobed.) Botsch. (2n = 14) chromosome complements were examined for the first time. Chromosome numbers of Askellia flexuosa (Ledeb.) W. A. Weber (2n = 42), Cirsium arvense var. vestitum Wimm. et
more » ... vestitum Wimm. et Grab. (2n = 34), Crepis crocea (Lam.) Babc. (2n = 16), Eremogone meyerii (Fenzl) Ikonn. (2n = 44), Heterochroa desertorum Bunge (2n = 34), Plantago komarovii Pavl. (2n= 10, 12), Rhinactinidia eremophila (Bunge) Novopokr. ex Botsch. (2n = 36) were determined from Mongolia for the first time. New cytotypes for Anoplocaryum compressum (Turcz.) Ledeb. (2х) and Eremogone meyerii (4x) were studied. For the species of Plantago komarovii, the phenomenon of aneuploidy (2x = 10) was described for the first time. For each species the area and published data on karyology are given.
doi:10.14258/turczaninowia.24.1.16 fatcat:irz2g7mcwvg5po7cjq2r75krei