Influences of Sr2+ Doping on Microstructure, Giant Dielectric Behavior, and Non-Ohmic Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12/CaTiO3 Ceramic Composites

Jutapol Jumpatam, Bundit Putasaeng, Narong Chanlek, Prasit Thongbai
2021 Molecules  
The microstructure, dielectric response, and nonlinear current-voltage properties of Sr2+-doped CaCu3Ti4O12/CaTiO3 (CCTO/CTO) ceramic composites, which were prepared by a solid-state reaction method using a single step from the starting nominal composition of CCTO/CTO/xSrO, were investigated. The CCTO and CTO phases were detected in the X-ray diffraction patterns. The lattice parameter increased with increasing Sr2+ doping concentration. The phase compositions of CCTO and CTO were confirmed by
more » ... were confirmed by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy with elemental mapping in the sintered ceramics. It can be confirmed that most of the Sr2+ ions substituted into the CTO phase, while some minor portion substituted into the CCTO phase. Furthermore, small segregation of Cu-rich was observed along the grain boundaries. The dielectric permittivity of the CCTO/CTO composite slightly decreased by doping with Sr2+, while the loss tangent was greatly reduced. Furthermore, the dielectric properties in a high-temperature range of the Sr2+-doped CCTO/CTO ceramic composites can be improved. Interestingly, the nonlinear electrical properties of the Sr2+-doped CCTO/CTO ceramic composites were significantly enhanced. The improved dielectric and nonlinear electrical properties of the Sr2+-doped CCTO/CTO ceramic composites were explained by the enhancement of the electrical properties of the internal interfaces.
doi:10.3390/molecules26071994 pmid:33915919 fatcat:2nkjxtgxmfeo3dxqegcram3d3e