Development of ipsilateral adrenocortical carcinoma sixteen years after resection of an adrenal tumour causing Cushing's syndrome

H S Tan, A C Thai, M E Nga, J J Mukherjee
2005 Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore  
At times, it may be difficult to differentiate early stage, low-grade adrenocortical carcinoma from benign adrenal adenoma. A 53-year-old lady underwent right adrenalectomy for a 4-cm adrenocortical tumour causing Cushing's syndrome. Histology revealed an adrenocortical adenoma. Sixteen years later, she presented with a 14-cm adrenal tumour, again on the right side. She underwent surgical removal of the tumour. Histology confirmed adrenocortical carcinoma. She died of metastatic disease 17
more » ... s later. This case highlights the importance of long-term, systematic follow-up of patients treated for benign adrenal adenomas, especially if the tumour size exceeds 4 cm.
pmid:15902349 fatcat:qf46wmrltfbblbc7cwei5vngcu