Bones, Bodies and Disease, by Calvin Wells, London, Thames and Hudson, 1964, pp. 288, illus., 30s

A. T. Sandison
1964 Medical history  
Book Reviews small type as to tax the reader's eyes considerably. But these are minor criticisms-the chiefvirtue of these reprints-now so fashionable-is that they give the non-specialist reader access to previously unavailable material. Instead ofhaving to rely on 'abstract history', it is now possible to form one's own views ofa man and his writings. Conolly has enjoyed immense prestige amongst psychiatrists for nearly a century now-does this book disappoint or filifil one's expectations? It
more » ... good to be in a position to decide for oneself. DENIS LEIGH Bones, Bodies and Disease, by CALVIN WELLS, London, Thames and Hudson, I964, pp. 288, iUus., 30s.
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