Electron cyclotron resonance plasma ion source for material depositions

M. Delaunay, E. Touchais
1998 Review of Scientific Instruments  
An electron cyclotron resonance ͑ECR͒ plasma has been used in conjunction with solid metal targets for deposition of various metal and oxide compounds. A large microwave system provides dense and high-quality films at low gas pressures with a plasma generation independent on the sputtering process. The 2.45 GHz microwave power is introduced in the reactor via two separate rectangular waveguides and the plasma cross section is 20ϫ5 cm 2 in area. High plasma densities over 4 ϫ10 11 cm Ϫ3 were
more » ... ured by interferometry. An iron deposition rate of 2000 Å/mn has been achieved. Transparent aluminum oxide Al 2 O 3 films with a refractive index of 1.57 were obtained under a deposition rate of 150 Å/mn. The association of several rectangular plasma chambers similar to the elementary plasma source used in this work is discussed. Direct metal ion production was also investigated in such a waveguide plasma source. Metal vaporization and ionization have been provided by energetic electrons from the ECR surface. Thus, a Zn ϩ ion current density of 30 mA/cm 2 has been reached without support gas.
doi:10.1063/1.1148938 fatcat:zu2xvpt5gzg4nhwfn2djm633ky