A survey on some possibilities for applications of genetic algorithms in the automata theory

Milena Bogdanovic
2016 Godisnjak Pedagoskog fakulteta u Vranju  
One thing is for sure -the origin of life today, nature is very well aware of what's he is doing. Genetic algorithms (GA) are a family of algorithms that use some kind of genetic principles that are present in nature, in order to solve specific computational problems. Genetic algorithms are robust and adaptive methods in addition to other fields of application can be used for solving combinatorial optimization problems. The reason is that genetic algorithms can be relatively easily adapted to
more » ... e specific problem. Automata have already been constructed by evolutional techniques in 60's of last century by Fogel. He created an "evolutional programming" that was the first attempt to construct an automaton by evolutionary approach. The aim of this paper was to further demonstrate the possibility of application of GA in the Automata theory.
doi:10.5937/gufv1607079b fatcat:4gzvdjlonzarpm2lplutqp6oxu