LOCAL WISDOM DALAM TAFSIR NUSANTARA: Studi Atas Kitab Tafsīr Al-Ibrīz Karya KH. Bisri Mustofa

Mohammad Zamzami 'Urif
2019 Kontemplasi Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Ushuluddin  
The study of the work of the Nusantara Ulama in Indonesia shows significant dynamics. The discovery of elements of locality (local wisdom) aspects in each of the works of Nusantara Ulama shows that the aspects of the archipelago affect their intellectual work. The book Tafsīr with the title al-Ibrīz Lima'rifati Tafsīr al-Qur'ān al-'Azīz is the work of KH. Bisri Mustofa. The tafsīr was written using the Javanese Arabic-Pegon script language in the early 20th century, and his work clearly shows
more » ... ork clearly shows the very prominent elements of the locality (local wisdom) of this region. In interpretation and language, KH. Bisri Mustofa used the Javanese Arabic-Pegon text, a form of literacy that was very commonly used by traditional Muslim communities and Islamic boarding school in particular, especially in the Java region at that time. Meanwhile, KH. Bisri Mustofa also often commented on the problem of the cultural tradition of blossoming or awliyā ziyārah tombs' which also shows the locality of the tafsīr al-Ibrīz. Furthermore, concerning the mysticism of Javanese culture (karāmah), believe in things that have magical powers. Then information about medicinal herbs or herbs that adopt local wisdom in the Javanese community.
doi:10.21274/kontem.2019.7.2.336-374 fatcat:ttv2rcni4bcoxhvqko2wdwabnq