Simulation for Wind Turbine Generators -- With FAST and MATLAB-Simulink Modules [report]

M. Singh, E. Muljadi, J. Jonkman, V. Gevorgian, I. Girsang, J. Dhupia
2014 unpublished
This report presents the work done to develop generator and gearbox models in the Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) environment and couple them to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Fatigue, Aerodynamics, Structures, and Turbulence (FAST) program. The goal of this project was to interface the superior aerodynamic and mechanical models of FAST to the excellent electrical generator models found in various Simulink libraries and applications. The scope was limited to Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3
more » ... erators and fairly basic gear-train models. The final product of this work was a set of coupled FAST and MATLAB drivetrain models. Future work will include models of Type 4 generators and more-advanced gear-train models with increased degrees of freedom. As described in this study, the developed drivetrain model can be used in many ways. First, the model can be simulated under different wind and grid conditions to yield further insight into the drivetrain dynamics in terms of predicting possible resonant excitations. Second, the tool can be used to simulate and understand transient loads and their couplings across the drivetrain components. Third, the model can be used to design the various flexible components of the drivetrain such that transmitted loads on the gearbox can be reduced. Several case studies are presented as examples of the many types of studies that can be performed using this tool.
doi:10.2172/1130628 fatcat:npdzo6f4bvaqnknlt67qxctt6q