BCI volume 1 issue 3 Cover and Back matter

1991 Bird conservation international  
This scholarly treatise, culminating 30 years of research, is based on field exploration and data gleaned from 17,400 museum specimens and over 400 cited references. Oaxaca offers a diversity of animal habitats unsurpassed elsewhere in Mexico, ranging from humid and arid lowland tropics through subtropical cloud forest and scrub to temperate pine-oak forest at over 11,000 feet Each habitat is described, classified, depicted (28 photos), and mapped. Oaxaca's avifauna of 680 species exceeds that
more » ... f any other Mexican state, Guatemala, or Honduras. Each species account documents abundance, mode and timing of occurrence, habitat preference, geographic and elevational range, breeding evidence, and subspecies. An ecogeographical analysis of the 465 breeding species considers barriers, corridors, and regions of endemism. Other chapters discuss physiography (mapped), climate, type localities and endemic subspecies, migration, and birds of hypothetical occurrence (39 species).
doi:10.1017/s0959270900000587 fatcat:7qp7onty35a5fdeoxfpoezizqq