Original Article 2 cases of multiple myeloma onset from coagulation disorder and literature review

Disi Zhang, Xiangwei Yi, Yun Zeng, Jian Dong, Ya Lv, Mingxia Shi
2017 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
This article retrospectively analyzed 2 cases of multiple myeloma (MM) with onset from coagulation disorder , and reviewed the similar cases in literatures. 2 patients all exhibited skin and mucosal bleeding as the first symptom, among who one case exhibited extended prothrombin time (PT) and thrombin time, increased D-dimer quantitation, reduced clotting factor XII, while the other case exhibited extended PT and activated partial thrombo-plastin time. Both cases had no associated symptom such
more » ... iated symptom such as pain, fever, etc., and were diagnosed as MM IgG type. Combining the retrieved similar cases, it is found that MM patients with onset from coagulation disorder all belong to IgG type, and the types of the coagulation abnormality are diverse, with no special rule. The relationship between MM and coagulation disorder are complex, and the current therapeutic strategy still mainly depends on treating the basic diseases.