Polariton lasing in high-quality selenide-based micropillars in the strong coupling regime

T. Klein, S. Klembt, E. Durupt, C. Kruse, D. Hommel, M. Richard
2015 Applied Physics Letters  
We have designed and fabricated all-epitaxial ZnSe-based optical micropillars exhibiting the strong coupling regime between the excitonic transition and the confined optical cavity modes. At cryogenic temperatures, under non-resonant pulsed optical excitation, we demonstrate single transverse mode polariton lasing operation in the micropillars. Owing to the high quality factors of these microstructures, the lasing threshold remains low even in micropillars of the smallest diameter. We show that
more » ... this feature can be traced back to a sidewall roughness grain size below 3 nm, and to suppressed in-plane polariton escape.
doi:10.1063/1.4928492 fatcat:ke2rn23saveuxd4stakv65uvoi