A finite element solution strategy based on Padé approximants for fast multiple frequency sweeps of multivariate problems

Romain Rumpler, Peter Göransson
2013 unpublished
Analyses involving structural-acoustic finite element models including three-dimensional modelling of porous media are, in general, computationally costly. While being the most commonly used predictive tool in the context of noise and vibrations reduction, efficient solution strategies enabling the handling of large-size multiphysics industrial problems are still lacking, particularly in the context where multiple frequency response estimations are required, e.g. for topology optimization,
more » ... optimization, multiple load cases analysis, etc. In this work, an original solution strategy is presented for the solution of multi-frequency structural-acoustic problems including poroelastic damping. Based on the use of Padé approximants, very accurate interpolations of multiple frequency sweeps are performed, allowing for substantial improvements in terms of computational ressources, i.e. time and memory allocation. The method is validated and will be demonstrated for its potential on 3D applications involving coupled elastic, poroelastic and internal acoustic domains.
doi:10.1121/1.4799565 fatcat:watx2vonyrhfvl37eb33put7sq