Temperature dependence of delayed fluorescence induction curve transients

D Z Marković, C N Radenović, L Rafailović, S A Zerajić, M Jeremić, M B Marković
1999 General Physiology and Biophysics  
The temperature dependence of delayed millisecond fluorescence (DF) induction curve transients was investigated. The transients were obtained by keeping intact maize leaf segments in the dark for 30 to 300 s before illumination. The temperature dependence of DF induction revealed abrupt changes in activation energy of the recombination process. Those changes highly overcome the lowest energy barriers for certain types of chemical reactions, implying significant possible alterations in the DF
more » ... ations in the DF mechanism itself. On the other hand, the particular transients responses expressed some specificities. Both the electrochemical gradient controlled changes, and the temperature induced changes contribute to it.
pmid:10703742 fatcat:ymcmsq7f7jb6pmzprftwkyxlr4