Universal principles governing multiple random searchers on complex networks: The logarithmic growth pattern and the harmonic law

Tongfeng Weng, Jie Zhang, Michael Small, Bahareh Harandizadeh, Pan Hui
2018 Physical review. E  
We propose a unified framework to evaluate and quantify the search time of multiple random searchers traversing independently and concurrently on complex networks. We find that the intriguing behaviors of multiple random searchers are governed by two basic principles -the logarithmic growth pattern and the harmonic law. Specifically, the logarithmic growth pattern characterizes how the search time increases with the number of targets, while the harmonic law explores how the search time of
more » ... le random searchers taken with respect to that needed by individual searchers. Numerical and theoretical results demonstrate these two universal principles established across a broad range of random search processes, including generic random walks, maximal entropy random walks, intermittent strategies, and persistent random walks. Our results reveal two fundamental principles governing the search time of multiple random searchers, which are expected to facilitate investigation of diverse dynamical processes like synchronization and spreading.
doi:10.1103/physreve.97.032320 pmid:29776160 fatcat:bvgp723ymrbynf4stpfubcrcry