An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Section of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

T. L. Brunton
1886 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
I'#kJ t1fI3rIk 2t JYYAV B T tAO NIL. 't[A-It 18864 Let it not be supposed that the imprioved tqaching o;f athlolo wouild add mtch'to tho labours of the 'already overburdened medical itudanit, oi that it Wtild have the tendency to make h'i a patholofist lather than a practitioner of medicinp, whose chiet duties after al, will be to heal the sick. It would merelMysystematise his tudies he would be better prepared for his -1litical work, and it would be of the greatest advantage to him afterwards
more » ... to him afterwards in the eexercise of his practice for, as one of my predecessors in this chair has rightly said, "Pathology is the basis of every rational system of therapeutics." After ttese few somewhat disjointed remarks, which express not only ty views, but also the views of many practitioners whom I cOnstantly meet, and who appreciate fully the advatiages of a systematic training in pathology, I will ask you to turn your :attention* to the work 6f'this Section, which, both as regards the subjects for discu;ssion and the papers to be read, promises good results. In selecting subjects for discussion, we cannot be said to be behind the age, for as nerves and micro-organisms occupy now-a-days so much of our' attention, peripheral neuritis, one of the most recent chapters of nerve-pathology, and the etiology of pneumonia, a disease which by maty is now held to be paratitic and infections, may be considered very fashionable subjects.-In the third subject for discussion, aneurysm, we see the close relation of pathology to practical medicine and surgery. These discussions, in which some of our best and ablest workers have promised to t&ke part, will leave but little time for the reading of papers ; but these, though small in number, yet cover a very large 'ground, and are sure to add largely to the useful work on which thisSecdtion is about to enter.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1337.326 fatcat:cyo3rt4fhzatlkwx7rxbiscmru