Identical Limb Dynamics for Unilateral Impairments through Biomechanical Equivalence

Fatemeh Rasouli, Kyle B. Reed
2021 Symmetry  
Dynamic models, such as double pendulums, can generate similar dynamics as human limbs. They are versatile tools for simulating and analyzing the human walking cycle and performance under various conditions. They include multiple links, hinges, and masses that represent physical parameters of a limb or an assistive device. This study develops a mathematical model of dissimilar double pendulums that mimics human walking with unilateral gait impairment and establishes identical dynamics between
more » ... ymmetric limbs. It introduces new coefficients that create biomechanical equivalence between two sides of an asymmetric gait. The numerical solution demonstrates that dissimilar double pendulums can have symmetric kinematic and kinetic outcomes. Parallel solutions with different physical parameters but similar biomechanical coefficients enable interchangeable designs that could be incorporated into gait rehabilitation treatments or alternative prosthetic and ambulatory assistive devices.
doi:10.3390/sym13040705 fatcat:kpnbv4mncvcf5l2epnvzf6pkpi