Breaking through traditions: The brick and tile industry in Ankole region, Uganda

William Kayamba, Philip Kwesiga
The study investigates the manufacturing process, of bricks and tiles in the Ankole region of Western Uganda, focusing on improvised technology particularly the forming method, innovations, and firing process, together with kiln technology and the environmental issues. The main objective was to investigate how the brick industry has played a role in uplifting the social and economic development of Ankole region, both in rural and urban development. The study involved twenty (20) participants
more » ... were engaged in brick making. These were interviewed and later grouped in four (4) focus group discussions (FGDs) for the researcher to obtain a deeper appreciation, understanding of the experiences and opinions about brick and tile making. The findings indicated that brick and tile making have become a lucrative business, because of the high demand of the building products by both the rural and urban communities. However, these activities have had a devastating effect on the environment. In some places, these activities have created pools of stagnant water which have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which spread malaria in many parts of the region. In addition cutting wood for fuel to burn the products, it has also created a loss of vegetation cover leading to land degradation and extended drought in the region.