Adaptive Speed Control Algorithm for BLDC Motor with Variable Input Source using PSO Algorithm

A sensor less BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor speed control is performed using PSO algorithm. The PSO algorithm manages the gain value of the PID controller. The speed of the BLDC motor is provided as the feedback to the controller. The error value is calculated by predetermined speed for the BLDC motor. Wind power generator is used as the input power source for driving BLDC motor. The output power of the wind power generator varies based on the wind speed. The variable input source for
more » ... e BLDC motor affects the performance of the motor. In order to regulate the input voltage of the BLDC motor, SEPIC DC-DC converter is used. The PSO-PID controller controls the Gate pulse of the SEPIC converter. The model is developed in MATLAB/Simulink, the performance of the proposed PSO-PID control is measured in variable input power condition. The hardware model is developed using MSP430 microcontroller to test the efficiency of the PSO-PID controller in the real time environment.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.k1345.129219 fatcat:ygowacbxr5c7jgu2ds4xjq6s4u