Understanding the Driving Factors for Urban Human Settlement Vitality at Street Level: A Case Study of Dalian, China

He Liu, Xueming Li
2022 Land  
Vitality can effectively test the quality of regional space, put forward the concept of urban human settlement vitality, and explore the development status of urban human settlement vitality space, which is of great significance in promoting the high-quality development of urban human settlements. By constructing an evaluation index system of urban human settlement vitality and comprehensively using projection pursuit models, spatial correlation analysis, and spatial measurement models, the
more » ... ial pattern and influencing factors of the vitality of urban human settlements in the four districts of Dalian were studied. The results are as follows: (1) The spatial differentiation characteristics of the vitality of urban human settlements in Dalian are remarkable. Overall, it gradually decreased from the city center to the administrative boundary. (2) The spatial dependence of the vitality of urban human settlements among regions is relatively strong, with a more obvious "Matthew effect". Among them, urban human settlement vitality hot spots were mainly distributed in the southeast of Dalian, showing a concentrated distribution trend, while the cold spots were distributed in the northern fringe area of Dalian, with spatial homogeneity characteristics. (3) Topography, ecological environment, social economy, commercial development, spatial structure, spatial form, regional scale, etc. have different impacts on the vitality of urban human settlements.
doi:10.3390/land11050646 fatcat:xynsiolucjaa7p35tdic7d5m4q