Secondary Education Teachers' Approach to Evaluation. Case Study

Gabriel Albu
2017 unpublished
Lately, evaluation gets an increasingly important place in teaching. In such a context, it becomes ever more necessary to deal as carefully as possible with this field of education sciences. In this study we considered evaluation as an intrinsic component of the teacher-student relationship. The quality of evaluation influences to a great extent the very performance of the student and the confidence one's own skills. In this research we sought to reveal some aspects regarding the approach of
more » ... luated students by a group of high school teachers (Prahova County, Romania), revealing the attitude of those who, for some time, were in the evaluator's position. This approach of evaluation is the more relevant since we are dealing with teenage students, who are in a sensitive period of their lives, have yet unclarified and unconsolidated values, with explorations of character, with moments of confusion, self doubt, risky eccentricities, with a strong desire to clarify one's own potential and to be reassured that he/she is not alone.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2017.05.02.133 fatcat:ct5ptmc5wje47iktevx35ifjny