Risk Factors for Cerebellar Mutism after Posterior Fossa TumorsExcision in Children

2021 The Medical journal of Cairo University  
Post-operative cerebellar mutism is known complication may occur following the excision of posterior fossa tumors in paediatrics, specially seen with medulloblastoma lesions. Post-operative Cerebellar Mutism (CM). Aim of Study: Post-operative cerebellar mutism is not uncommon after excision of posterior fossa tumors in pediatrics. Evaluation of important risk factors e.g. type of tumor, size, site and infiltration of brainstem was studied in this work. Material and Methods: A series of 30
more » ... series of 30 children with posterior fossa tumors were operated at Abo El-Reesh Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery in 2017. Their radiological data and neurocognitive functions were investigated pre and postoperatively. Results: Cerebellar mutism developed in 9 children ( 30%) in the first few days post-operative, 7 males and 2 females. Age ranged from two years to twelve years. 7 cases were medulloblastoma and 2 cases were ependymom. There was infiltration of brainstem in most cases of cerebellar mutism. Mutism resolved in 8 cases. Conclusion: Cerebellar mutism could often occur following excision of posterior fossa tumors in pediatrics in first days following the surgery with favourable outcome. It most likely occurs following the resection of medulloblastoma infiltrating brainstem. The cerebellar ischemia and the cerebellar edema may be possible causes for occurrence of cerebellar mutism.
doi:10.21608/mjcu.2021.153800 fatcat:erfl7jicjja7hpsmi6gltii5um