Why do patients with limb ischaemia present late to a vascular surgeon? A prospective cohort study from the developing world

Amna Riaz Khan, Fareed Ahmed Shaikh, Asma Riaz, Zia-ur-Rehman, Ziad Sophie, Nadeem Ahmed Siddiqui
To look into the factors responsible for delay in presentation of Iimb ischemia patients to a vascular surgeon. The prospective cohort study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from October 01, 2016, to August 10, 2018. Patients coming with delayed presentation of both acute and chronic limb ischemia were included. All the patients were assessed by qualified vascular surgeons. SPSS 23 was used for data analysis. Of the 55 patients, 33(60%) had acute and 22(40%) had
more » ... c limb ischaemia. Mean age of acute cases was 44±23.72 years and it was 60±12.49 years for chronic cases. Overall, the commonest reason behind delay was non-referral by primary physician which was the case with 11(33.3%) patients in the acute group, and 13(59%) in the chronic group. The limb loss in the acute group was 20(60%) and 8(36%) in the chronic group.. Delayed presentation of patients with limb ischaemia is mainly due to non-referral. A robust campaign needs to be launched to reduce the rate of limb loss.
pmid:30697009 fatcat:3vez6oejnzbpbee4akvcc3t2de